KlingonLady (klingonlady) wrote in ncis_verse,

It is official.

We can now become a complete "universe" now as I have just completely caught up with NCIS: Los Angeles! I am on the weekly (and hiatus waits) with you all now!

For those that want to know I LOVE IT!! Especially Deeks! He kills me! He is adorable.

SOOOO now we are a true verse and will cover anything NCIS here on the community. That means you are free to use either series in your challenges.

You will not be required to have seen both series to play here either as you can still use episodes from either series and be just fine. If there are games or something that I use both series for you will be alerted as to any necessary information needed to complete the challenge.

SO! Go forth and be NCIS-y!!

*lets hope LJ doesn't post this 500 times, or posts it at all.. LJ's been horrid all day!*
Tags: mod post, ncis, ncis:los angeles
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